Lady spent 15 years by my side. She loved everyone she met, playing fetch, and sneaking food off of the counter. My love for her didn’t compare to the love she gave me. Miss you Lady!



We lost our Izzaboo January of 2022, it was an unexpected loss of a dog who brought us joy every single day. She was the world’s laziest but naughtiest dog. We miss her every day!



My first dog. Shadow was a true companion, always by my side. I wish I could have treated her as well as she treated me. Pets are always giving us more than we can give them back.



We got Lucky from the Humane Society as a puppy. We were newly married and he was our first baby. He was then there when we bought all 3 of our kids home from the hospital. ❤❤



Rest easy sweet girl…… the love you’ve given over the last 13 years meant more than you’ll know. My heart broke when you left us, but I know you’re up there watching over Dalyn❤


Gus was our first baby. We adopted him as a puppy right after we got married, and he was with us almost 14 years. We loved him and he loved us fiercely. Until we meet again old boy



My baby Bear was my world. For 15 years, she stood by my side. Through life’s ups & downs, she was my rock & my best friend! She will always hold a huge piece of my heart.



Marvin was the King of all dogs. He was sweet, slobbery, and loyal.  He loved to nap but he always got right up when his favorite human Jared got home. The pond was his favorite place to be, and he loved to run to the cabin with his dog buddy Addison! We will miss him forever.

Megan S

Centralia, IA

Maizey Lou

This sweet face is one that has forever changed my soul. For 30 years, “I wasn’t a dog person.” I was the one that suggested to Terry that we could be a dog family. Even then, it took me some time to warm up to her. Thank you, Maizey Lou Waskow, for teaching me about loving, and being loved by, a pet. We love you forever and always. Run fast and rest well.

Maureen W

Dubuque, IA


We were married for 34 years when Lucy joined our empty nest. She was our very first dog and immediately became a member of our family. Lucy loved to join us at our family cabin, especially when the grandchildren were around. One afternoon, she discovered a turkey’s nest in the brush, and we were surprised when we were greeted by three eggs which she had gingerly transferred onto the path that led to our outhouse. We still find it incredible that she instinctively knew how to move those fragile eggs without damage. (We did move the eggs back to the nest and they hatched!) We sure did love Lucy

Carol S

Dubuque, IA


Albert was rescued from the DRHS. He had been found on a cold December day and, weighing in at only ten pounds, he wouldn’t have survived if he hadn’t been found. We suspect Albert was part Shitsu and there is no doubt that he was loved because he never met a stranger he didn’t love. Except for being a male dog who insisted on “marking” his territory, Albert was very well behaved, and he didn’t even bark until we had him for over a year. Albert was quite the guy!

Carol S

Dubuque, IA


This dog was wise beyond his years, even as a puppy. He was super chill unless he was “talking” to you or chewing up his Mom’s couch. He loved to ride shotgun and he taught all the other dogs how to act right. He was our first baby and he will always have a special place in our hearts. 

Megan S

Centralia, IA